Wednesday, April 8, 2009

it's a jacket!

I finished the jacket!! It turned out pretty, not my normal colors but nice for spring. And I can certainly use it now since our weather has turned nippy again. We had snow yesterday but at least it didn't stick. I am sooo ready for spring!

I'm finally posting pictures of the things I picked up in Pigeon Forge. A good selection of things-fabric, patterns, a book, and some tools. I didn't get everything I wanted! I left several patterns at the Cherry Pit that I liked. They do the best block of the month kits-

I got some great marking pins and the Clover needle threader I had heard so much about. And it works! It's wonderful for mature eyes like mine.

I got the pattern and fabric for a smock at the Cherry Pit; that's my next project. I'm a very messy cook and need lots of coverage. Most aprons hang around the neck and that bothers me so I can't wait to try the smock. The cupcake fabric that Annie found is perfect for it.
I also bought a purse pattern and a jelly roll to make it. It's called Grids and Grommets by Indygo Junction. I made a matching wallet from a pattern in my stash. I really like the purse pattern since it's different from any purses I've made. Have any of you seen Melly and Me patterns?? They're just too cute. I saw them in Pigeon Forge but didn't get any so I had to order them when I got home. I ordered 3- the flamingo, dog and another purse pattern. Patterns are a real weakness for me. I just can't help myself.

I think I just blew my goal of finishing up ufo's this year. I keep adding to the list; I'll just have to live a long, long time.