Wednesday, July 1, 2009

still stitching!

I’ve been working on my wool blocks and now have all of them fused. I’m working on this block adding some stitching for embellishment.

I love the curls and how the stitching adds to the flowers. I’m not sure why there’s a dark streak in one of the flowers.

Here are the next three blocks that need to be stitched-I think they’re even pretty without thread!
I have several blocks that I’m going to go back and add stitching too:

And these blocks are done!

Working with wool is sooo much fun and addicting.

I finished Jaime’s professional tote but forgot to take pictures. I’ve also been doing some hand appliqué on my flower blocks. I guess I have a thing for flowers! Have you seen the Circuit Rider’s Quilt?? I’ve been obsessing about it and plan on getting the book when I go to the AQS show in Knoxville. If I can wait that long! It takes my breath away. Gorgeous quilt.

Work has been getting in the way of sewing; I’ve worked a few extra days and we finally finished our summer programs. We had 200+ kids some days. Now we are settling in for our move in Sept. Can’t wait for the new library, it’s gonna be awesome.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I'm back to working on my wool bom after getting to attend the class show and tell. I missed all the classes as they were on days that I worked. I was so inspired by the quilts! They were awesome!! The lady in red is the one who taught the class-Karen Witt. Her website is I'm not sure who the other lady is. Cindy Ford had done a wonderful job embellishing her quilt; now I'm going back and adding more stitching to my blocks. Wool is so much fun to work with-it has that 'feel good' feeling. I hope that makes sense. Here is a picture of Cindy's work-

I’m making another professional tote for Jaime. This one will be for summer. I’m at a stand still until I can find 2 blue zippers. Our local Wal-Mart only had one, three are needed. I’ll have to wait until I can get to Lexington to visit a fabric store. I feel so deprived living in a small town!
Here' the outside of the bag-

It really goes together quickly but is a pain to cut out, there are lots and lots of pieces. I cut my patterns out of freezer paper and had gotten two patterns mixed up so I cut way more pieces than needed. Lesson learned-label pattern pieces with the pattern name!! On the plus side I'll be able to make a Sail Rigger bag too.

Have you seen Kim Diehl’s new book?? I order her books sight unseen, I love her designs. There are so many I want to make that I can’t decide which to start on! At least I never get bored.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I am such a bad blogger! I can't believe it's been over a month since I blogged. I have been sewing; I finished another grommet purse, wallet, and eyeglass case for a friend for Mother's Day. And I finished my Mock Smock! It turned out nicely and I will be making another one. I don't like to wear aprons that hang around my neck and I'm a messy cook so I need something. The pockets attach with buttons; the next one I make will have regular pockets that can stand up to use. I should have paid more attention to the print-I have the cupcakes right side up but the pie slices are more noticable and upside down. I think I may make a sewing apron. I've thought about using a chatelaine but it hangs around the neck! So I will add a pincushion and extra pockets for scissors and threads. I have big plans!!
I spent Mother's Day with Jaime and had a wonderful time. I got to visit one of my favorite quilt shops and found out they will be closing at the end of the month. Everything was on sale so I purchased some patterns and fabric and will be going back again before they close. I will miss their shop.
Jaime has a bird's nest in her grill! No grilling out out for her. It's the largest nest I've seen and when you raise the lid to the grill it starts expanding up and up! It's a very industrious mother bird!

My friend Nancy went to the Redbud festival last month and sent me some wonderful pictures. Beautiful quilts and I heard they had some nice classes. I hope to get to go next year.
Nancy is an author!!! She publishes children's books-check out her website-
Here are some of the great quilts she saw=

I have fallen way behind with my monthly goals! I started the year with such good intentions. I am working on the signature quilt and it will be a Christmas gift. I've gotten side tracked with other projects, so much to do and so little time. As long as I get to quilt or dream about quilting every day I am making progress; just at a slower pace. Just keep stitching and enjoy the process!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

it's a jacket!

I finished the jacket!! It turned out pretty, not my normal colors but nice for spring. And I can certainly use it now since our weather has turned nippy again. We had snow yesterday but at least it didn't stick. I am sooo ready for spring!

I'm finally posting pictures of the things I picked up in Pigeon Forge. A good selection of things-fabric, patterns, a book, and some tools. I didn't get everything I wanted! I left several patterns at the Cherry Pit that I liked. They do the best block of the month kits-

I got some great marking pins and the Clover needle threader I had heard so much about. And it works! It's wonderful for mature eyes like mine.

I got the pattern and fabric for a smock at the Cherry Pit; that's my next project. I'm a very messy cook and need lots of coverage. Most aprons hang around the neck and that bothers me so I can't wait to try the smock. The cupcake fabric that Annie found is perfect for it.
I also bought a purse pattern and a jelly roll to make it. It's called Grids and Grommets by Indygo Junction. I made a matching wallet from a pattern in my stash. I really like the purse pattern since it's different from any purses I've made. Have any of you seen Melly and Me patterns?? They're just too cute. I saw them in Pigeon Forge but didn't get any so I had to order them when I got home. I ordered 3- the flamingo, dog and another purse pattern. Patterns are a real weakness for me. I just can't help myself.

I think I just blew my goal of finishing up ufo's this year. I keep adding to the list; I'll just have to live a long, long time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

does it look like a jacket?

Last week I took a class on the Stack the Deck jacket. I'm still sewing blocks together! It'll be a cool jacket if I ever get it finished; our weather has turned warmer so I may not need it this spring. I have daffodils blooming!!!

I'm still organizing! I found more fabric in my old sewing room upstairs.
I 'think' I have all of it now. I haven't found a place for my yardages yet.

I went thru my books-all 240! And I now have 36 official ufo's. I had more but trashed some and gave some away. I feel so energized to get back to quilting!

Annie and I are leaving tomorrow morning for Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. I'm so excited!! Two days of quilts and shopping. Don't need fabric, books, or patterns. Wonder what goodies I'll find?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I finished organizing the rest my fabrics! And I have room for more now! I've touched and caressed each piece of my stash; sooo many possibilites. I've found and labeled my ufo's-a total of 36. I ditched some and some may never get finished! And I went thru my quilt patterns! Over 250; will I ever live that long? I can't help myself, I love to buy patterns. I haven't gotten to my books yet. I feel like I should join quilter's anonymous-hello, my name is Cynthia and I have a problem!
I've started quilting the signature quilt and I'm happy with the way it's looking. Jaime will be so surprised to see it. And I've been doing some hand applique, I'm doing back basting applique and find that's it's easier and faster to prepare. Love it! Pictures to come soon.
Quiltfest is in 2 weeks!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finish #2!

I finished the purple wallhanging!!! I started it in 1999; it feels so good to have it done. My quilting isn't the greatest but at least it's finished; and it only took 10 years. Yikes!

I've started organizing my stash, it was in terrible shape. When I moved to my new sewing room I just stacked fabric in wire drawers. Now I'm folding it around a ruler and stacking it so that each piece can be seen. It actually takes up less room and looks so much better! I still have my browns, blacks and creams to do. I've ran across quite a few "what on earth was I thinking" fabrics. Now I need to start some scrappy quilts and use the fabric up.

We're having weird weather-freezing rain yesterday and snow. This morning it was 61, now it's in the 30's and we've had more snow showers. No accumulation todaybut who knows what tonight will bring. Good quilting weather!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

first finish of the year!

Yesterday Annie came over for our regular sewing day and I had her help me go thru my ufo's. I found 38! And I know there are some we didn't find. I did purge some and took them to guild last night. Now they're someone else's ufo's! Today I finished a wallet that I had started who knows when.

The inside didn't turn out as nice as I would have liked but it's DONE!

Mary had her quilt she made for her daughter at guild; it's beautiful. And huge.