Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

A new year and a new start. Doesn't it feel good to have a fresh start? I love making lists and plans for the new year, it gives me hope that I may actually accomplish more than I did in the previous year. In 2008 I set monthly goals and did better with them than I have in the past; I meet all but 2 of my goals. I've got them on the list for 2009! And they will get done. My goal for January is to finish the purple fan wallhanging I started many, many years ago. It's a hand quilting project, and I need lots of quilting practice!! I'm using it as practice before I start quilting the signature quilt next month.
Jaime (aka the mad knitter) was in during Christmas and was on a sock kick. She finished one pair and started the second even tho her allergies flared up big time. It's her own fault for kissing the dog. But who could resist that face?

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Jeanne said...

Happy New Year! I always get excited about the new year. A fresh start, a new beginning and renewed hope that I will do better this year.