Wednesday, July 1, 2009

still stitching!

I’ve been working on my wool blocks and now have all of them fused. I’m working on this block adding some stitching for embellishment.

I love the curls and how the stitching adds to the flowers. I’m not sure why there’s a dark streak in one of the flowers.

Here are the next three blocks that need to be stitched-I think they’re even pretty without thread!
I have several blocks that I’m going to go back and add stitching too:

And these blocks are done!

Working with wool is sooo much fun and addicting.

I finished Jaime’s professional tote but forgot to take pictures. I’ve also been doing some hand appliqué on my flower blocks. I guess I have a thing for flowers! Have you seen the Circuit Rider’s Quilt?? I’ve been obsessing about it and plan on getting the book when I go to the AQS show in Knoxville. If I can wait that long! It takes my breath away. Gorgeous quilt.

Work has been getting in the way of sewing; I’ve worked a few extra days and we finally finished our summer programs. We had 200+ kids some days. Now we are settling in for our move in Sept. Can’t wait for the new library, it’s gonna be awesome.


Deb in WA said...

Cynthia, I fell so in love with your wool BOM that I might finally get back into quilting after a 4 year absence due to health. I'm a good friend of Julie's (Spud) and I was wondering if you could tell me where you ordered your BOM from. I'm finding it in all cotton, no wool, or wool on wool, but no wool on cotton. Your blocks look like wool on cotton which is what I want. Please correct me if I'm wrong. One could go nuts trying to order the right BOM so please help me out here and tell me where you got yours, what's included (i.e. thread), and what fabrics yours are in. Feel free to e-mail me at Thanks sooo much for any info you can give me that might enlighten me. Deb

Mary said...

Love your blocks!! and your Blog!! Hugs, Mary

Sandy H said...

Love the wool blocks! I've done some felted wool projects in my past but haven't done anything in awhile. Want to get back to it. Your blocks are an inspiration--beautiful!