Monday, March 10, 2008

sewing tote

Instead of quilting today, which I should have done, I made a sewing tote. I've had the pattern for the Sail Rigger's Bag for quite a while and decided it would be perfect for carrying around my sewing projects. It was pretty simple to make after I labeled all the pieces! It has 6 outside pockets and 7 inside pockets.
I'll be able to fill it with thread, scissors, pins, and hand projects to sew on the go.

I've also been taking an EQ6 class from Quilt University learning to draw blocks. Too much fun! I'm just afraid I'll spend more time making virtual quilts than real quilts now.
Tomorrow I will quilt.

1 comment:

madmamaknitting said...

You know, I think your favorite daughter might need one of those bags...It looks really good!