Wednesday, May 7, 2008

another goal!

I met my April goal!!!! A week late but I finally made it. I did a lot of ripping on the quilt. It started with larger blocks but I decided to cut them down. So I ripped several blocks apart. Then I showed the blocks to Jaime and she thought it should be done with some of our old calico's. More ripping. Eventually with the help of Annie I got the border on, she is much more precise than I am. I really need to work on my machine piecing; even after watching Sally Collins's dvd I'm not a precision piecer. I want to hand quilt this for Jaime for Christmas, with traditional feathers in the border.
My goal for May is to finish a Christmas Turning Twenty for Jaime. I made one for my brother and gave it to him this past Christmas and I have a top pieced for me that I also want to finish by Christmas. They were made from fabrics my mother collected so the quilts will be special to us.
I will not be making any other Christmas gifts this year!


Stitchin by the Lake said...

What a pretty quilt...done is good, isn't it!

Gypsy Quilter said...

It's wonderful! Love those cornerstones.