Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finish #2!

I finished the purple wallhanging!!! I started it in 1999; it feels so good to have it done. My quilting isn't the greatest but at least it's finished; and it only took 10 years. Yikes!

I've started organizing my stash, it was in terrible shape. When I moved to my new sewing room I just stacked fabric in wire drawers. Now I'm folding it around a ruler and stacking it so that each piece can be seen. It actually takes up less room and looks so much better! I still have my browns, blacks and creams to do. I've ran across quite a few "what on earth was I thinking" fabrics. Now I need to start some scrappy quilts and use the fabric up.

We're having weird weather-freezing rain yesterday and snow. This morning it was 61, now it's in the 30's and we've had more snow showers. No accumulation todaybut who knows what tonight will bring. Good quilting weather!

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Julie said...

Congratulations! I love the quilt and how exciting to have it done! Your stash looks great too! Mine wouldn't come close to fitting in those baskets though!