Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I finished organizing the rest my fabrics! And I have room for more now! I've touched and caressed each piece of my stash; sooo many possibilites. I've found and labeled my ufo's-a total of 36. I ditched some and some may never get finished! And I went thru my quilt patterns! Over 250; will I ever live that long? I can't help myself, I love to buy patterns. I haven't gotten to my books yet. I feel like I should join quilter's anonymous-hello, my name is Cynthia and I have a problem!
I've started quilting the signature quilt and I'm happy with the way it's looking. Jaime will be so surprised to see it. And I've been doing some hand applique, I'm doing back basting applique and find that's it's easier and faster to prepare. Love it! Pictures to come soon.
Quiltfest is in 2 weeks!!!

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Julie said...

It looks great Cynthia! I was sure you must have at least 400 patterns to match all my fabric! I wish I could come visit in person!