Wednesday, March 11, 2009

does it look like a jacket?

Last week I took a class on the Stack the Deck jacket. I'm still sewing blocks together! It'll be a cool jacket if I ever get it finished; our weather has turned warmer so I may not need it this spring. I have daffodils blooming!!!

I'm still organizing! I found more fabric in my old sewing room upstairs.
I 'think' I have all of it now. I haven't found a place for my yardages yet.

I went thru my books-all 240! And I now have 36 official ufo's. I had more but trashed some and gave some away. I feel so energized to get back to quilting!

Annie and I are leaving tomorrow morning for Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. I'm so excited!! Two days of quilts and shopping. Don't need fabric, books, or patterns. Wonder what goodies I'll find?

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Biddy22 said...

I'm enjoying watching your sorting and organizing progress. It's looking great. I admire your strength to get rid of UFOs that just aren't worth the time to finish. I didn't think I'd find another quilter with more books and patterns than I have -- but you win! We know we have more than a lifetime's worth, but those new ideas, those new colorways, those new techniques. Just too tempting.